As a typical American, my budget is limited by my meager salary. Despite what the magazines and other media say, most of us can’t go out and buy a new wardrobe every season, let alone even a few full retail pieces. Sales are my friend and Good Will is my confidante. That said, it doesn’t mean I don’t keep up with what’s out there. It also doesn’t mean that I can’t use my imagination.

I am going to start going on regular “dream sprees”. This is where I go on the websites of my favorite retailers/stores/brands and imagine that I have unlimited funds. I will select those items that I would buy, make “looks”, and put them here. It’s vicarious shopping.

My first excursion was to Anthropologie’s website. I felt it apropos as it is my favorite store. Though a popular choice, it’s genuine. I was in love with them years ago- before they became mainstream. So, here are my three “looks” that I put together from their current on-line offerings. They were based on three of the styles I see regularly in Anthropologie. The items wouldn’t necessarily go together, but they are in a similar vein. Click on the slides to make them bigger so you can see the details. (All photos from

Look #1:


Modern Graphic is about Anthropologie’s knack for the modern look- European, artistic, and sharp.

Look #2:


Bohemian Ethnic is the store’s laidback vacation look. You envision eco-lodges in Central America, bike rides in Bali, and street markets in Capri. You get the picture.

Look #3:


Romantic Vintage is the now timeless look of eclecticism that combines history elements with femininity. A little Victorian at times, but pretty always.

Have a great weekend, everyone. I, for one, will be dreaming of my next shopping excursion.